Ozious Nkhuzenje


Ozious holds a certificate in Grain management, Basic grading and Storage from SIERKY BEMA Grain Services and AgriSETA under Southern Africa Trade Hub and has worked for -World Food Program funded Grain Storage Facilities projects, European Union funded Grain Storage Facilities projects and USAID funded Grain Storage Facilities projects.as well as other private Sectors Grain Storage Facilities over a period of 11 years.

He has worked as a Warehouse Supervisor for Population Services International (PSI) over a period of six years, and later went on to dedicate five years to ACE, gaining vast experience in Warehouse Management and becoming specialized in Grain Handling and Warehouse Operations.

Ozious has first-hand experience in managing full warehouse operations, and also conducting supervisory, monitoring services for third party operators, ensuring export grade of commodities are achieved.